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Downloading or Playing on Hosted Sites

Some players feel there is a dilemma on whether they should be playing directly through providers' web sites via their computer browsers or whether they should be downloading programs to their computers. Here are a few things to consider.

To Download or Not to Download

Many casinos offer you the chance to play through either option: downloading the program or playing through the browser. If you choose to download the program, you will have to open the program up every time you wish to play. It takes up space on your hard drive and can sometimes be a pain. On the other hand, websites traditionally load much more quickly, so the wait time is less, and you have not had to install any cumbersome software onto your computer. If you are playing at multiple sites, you are likely slowing down your computer, increasing your wait time for gambling websites and any other work that you may do on your screen.

There Are Many Considerations

One of the benefits of not having to download a product is that you do not have to use your own computer to play; you can use a public computer or even borrow a friend's. It does not matter because any computer you use can link up to your username. It should be noted, however, that downloadable games are still quite numerous and may offer some better graphics. Downloadable games tend to have a few more options than website-based games, and if this is an important feature to you, you may want to center your playing on games that can be downloaded. This way, you can use auto play features and have additional graphics and sound options.

The method of playing you choose is largely dependent on what is important to you. If speed and freeing up hard disc space is important, play through web sites. If increased graphics and auto play options are important, then consider downloading gambling programs. If you choose your priorities, the decision will be easier than you think.

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